Puppy Basket Set – Allure Lane
Puppy Basket Set_allurelane
Puppy Basket Set_allurelane
Puppy Basket Set_allurelane


Puppy Basket Set

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2019 Collection Allure Lane


Original summer fashion set consisting of a tank top for girls and short pants or matching shorts. The most prominent parts of the T-shirt are the fine sleeves topped by ruffles and the drawing on the front. In this composition goes to a pair of puppies playing inside a wicker basket full of flowers. They are accompanied by a phrase that says in French: "La Vie est Belle" (La Vida es Bella). There are no missing pieces of strass, which in sizes 2 and 3 are changed by glitter for safety reasons. The bottom of the set is a pair of shorts with floral print and elastic waistband.